Wooden window

The best solution, for the well-being of the family inside your home, is the window of wood, without discussion, with her(it) we can guarantee:

- Thermal and acoustic isolation.

- Permeability to the air.

- Watertightness to the water.

- Resistance to the wind.

In addition, of creating a very cozy environment, which other products, for very well that imitate her do not obtain. The window of wood, inside the housing it is an element of decoration, in fact much of our clients, they do not place curtains in the windows, if not visillos in the crystal, allowing that one should see perfectly the window. For it the manufacturers of PVC and Aluminium, want to imitate the wood, without obtaining it, since this beauty has to be a native, any imitation is obvious, in spite of what they say, even your warmth.

The window of wood, former, had three weak points, which were:

- The cost.

- The closing and iron-works.

- The maintenance

These three weaknesses, we have overcome them some time ago:

Since I come into force the new Technical Code of the Building (CTE), all these cheap windows, which were placed in work and, that belonged harmful to the individual, for his bad quality (major energy consumption), now do not cost. The construction ones forced by the CTE, have to place good windows, which leads to an increase of the prices in the windows of Aluminium and PVC, the above mentioned increases are favorable for the window of wood that is placed at par, and in some cases for below, of the prices of his competitors.

We are employed with two top brands at the European Market, at iron-work, since they are:

(German).  http://www.siegenia-aubi.com/


 (German).   http://www.g-u.com/cl


The fitting that we place in the windows of wood nowadays is like placed in the windows of Aluminium and PVC. Even one of our suppliers to designed a range of iron-works (oscilobatientes, flip-top, I range parallel bars, etc.), that is in use for wood and PVC.

I end the problem of which if the window rubs me and it is necessary to brush. We make profile of wood with air 12, which it(he,she) wants to say that a separation exists between(among) the leaf(sheet) and the frame of 12 mm, what allows us to place the closings without need of cajearlos in the wood, in addition is an air chamber(camera) perimetral that it isolates much more. This chamber does not allow that the window should rub us, upside-down even it allows us to be able to regulate the sheets with regard to the frame.

Our supplier of glaze is:


(Dutch).  http://www.akzonobel.com

The treatment of our windows, it consists of the following steps:

1 ª Mano. - Fungicidal, bactericidal and insecticide, always of color (solar filter), that

It(He,She) protects of the solar beams.

2 ª Mano. - Glaze with base waters down (it does not contaminate), that penetrates the thousandth some in

Wood. This first cap provokes the exit of small hairs, which

They are sanded and she remains prepared for the hand of ended.

3 ª Mano. - Glaze with base waters down, with this last hand the surface of the wood stays

Perfectly protected and finished.

The duration of the glaze, always it(he,she) will depend on the position of the window in the housing, logically a window that one installs to evenness of front, his glaze lasted less than that place under the eaves, or of the balcony of the neighbor; as yes he gives him the Sun the whole day or is in shaded place. Of for yes these glazes they last much more than the old men, and if they are vigilant and they are regenerated can last the whole life.

The experience demonstrates the inalterable permanency during centuries of the treated well wood, phenomenon of which witness does not exist with other materials.

The wood that we use is:

- Pine Sweden clump.

- Pine Sweden alistonado.

- Massive Iroko.

- Iroko alistonado.

- Others.



We have a numerical control, and a program, which all kinds of windows allows us to do, of curved, half a point, portholes, etc.

Ctra. Romanos, s/n, Nave 2.
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Ctra. Romanos, s/n.
50.369 Anento

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